Standard Features


In every respect, the all-new TCM dash 7 series three wheel electric trucks are 21st century state-of-the art equipment! This clean-sheet design uses advanced technology to deliver more power, better efficiency, higher productivity, outstanding safety, and easier maintenance than previous TCM three wheel trucks. The dash 7 series was awarded the prestigious 2005 Japanese Good Design Award which recognizes outstanding design in industrial and consumer products.


Model Year
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Medium - Heavy
CDL Required
Gross Vehicle Wt Rating (GVWR)
6,680 lbs.


115.6 in.
78.5 in.
42.3 in.


Battery Voltage
36 - 48V


3,500 lbs.
Max. Lift Height
130 in.
Lift Speed
61 - 78.7 fpm
Travel Speed
7.5 - 9 mph

Standard Features

AC Motors
 Inverter controlled motors deliver high torque at low speeds for smooth starting and creeping.  
 AC motors reduce maintenance to a minimum because they have no brushes to wear out.  
 All motors include fans for cool operation.  
 Special anti-vibration polymer mounts deliver smooth operation.  
 Battery voltages may be 36V or 48V.  
 The 100 percent solid state AC inverter type controller maximizes reliability.  
 MOS-FET control saves power in the drive circuit and improves accelerator response time.  
 Four controller settings can be adjusted: the super / power / economy setting, speed control, tilting speed and the attachment speed.  
Drive Monitoring
 Low voltage produces a warning.  
 A high controller temperature or a high drive motor temperature automatically limits travel passing current as required.  
 A main device short circuit stops the truck.  
 The direction switch neutral safety prevents unintended travel when the key is first turned on.  
 A dead man seat switch prevents unintended operation if the operator leaves the seat.  
 The power steering contactor operates only when the directional neutral switch and seat switch safety parameters are met.  
 The drive motor temporarily becomes a generator to replenish battery when the travel direction is reversed while moving, and whn the accelerator is released before applying the brakes.  
Smooth, Responsive Controls
 Spinner steering is anti-kickback and features infinite tilt adjustment.  
 The self-canceling turn signal control is combined with the light switch.  
 Travel direction is selected with an electric directional shift lever featuring forward, reverse and neutral.  
 4 standard configuration direct acting hydraulic control valves and 4 push button operated solenoid control valves may be fitted.  
 A push button release, lever-operated parking brake locks the front drive wheels.  
 The economy / power / super changeover switch lets the operator choose between economy and full power as the application demands.  
Operator Comfort and Safety
 Fully adjustable suspension seat with restraint system.  
 Automotive type dash positioned for unobstructed operator view.  
 Full instrumentation with LCD gauges and self-diagnostics.  
 The speed safety switch limits the maximum top end speed for safety.  
Masts and Carriages by TCM
 All single stage, two stage, and three stage masts are built by TCM. Our four stage masts are built by Lift-Tek in South Carolina.  
 Rugged precision ball bearings deliver smooth operation and maximum control while telescoping.  
 Standard flow control valve restricts the lowering speed of the mast in the event hose pressure is lost.  
 An optional lift lock prevents the forks from lowering if the key is off.  
 Wide view masts give an unobstructed view of the fork tips.  
Hydraulic Orbitrol Steering
 Hydraulic steering has quicker response, reduces maintenance by eliminating many mechanical wear components as well as the lubrication, damage repair, and adjustment of mechanical linkage.  
 Right angle stack maneuverability is increased.  
 Operates the steering pump motor only when traveling.  
 Steering force remains constant for very predictable handling.  
Powerful Hydraulic System
 The gear-type main pump draws from a side-mounted oil tank with a replaceable filter.  
 Up to 4 control valves with an additional 4 solenoid valves operate lift cylinders, double-acting tilt cylinders, and attachments.  
 An adjustable relief valve gives overpressure protection.  
 Check valves automatically prioritize pressure distribution under simultaneous multiple valve operations.  
 Tilt lock valves give smooth mast tilt operation in both directions.  
 A lift cylinder cut off valve restricts mast lowering speeds for safety.  
Maintenance-Free Brakes
 The wet type disk brake, mounted on the output shaft of the drive motor, delivers smooth and reliable operation in continuous use.  
 The brakes are maintenance free and have a lifetime guarantee.  
 The master cylinder is valved to maintain proper pressure and to prevent fluid leaks and vapor lock.  
 The toggle-type parking brake is dash mounted and hand operated.  
Easy, Cost Effective Maintenance
 The wet disk brakes are maintenance free and guaranteed for life.  
 Up to 59 separate self diagnostic troubleshooting codes are displayed on the instrument panel. Nearly all checks can be made on location without using separate meters.  
 The full access battery cover opens with a pressurized gas spring.  
 The controller is a solid state MOS-FET inverter-type for trouble-free operation.  
 Over Discharge Prevention protects the battery from damage caused by over discharging.  
 The counter weight drawbar is a convenient tie down or tow point.  
 Genuine TCM replacement parts are available from our dealer network, supported by an extensive inventory located in NJ.  
Informed Operators are Safe Operators
 Detailed operating manuals are supplied with each truck explaining the safe operation of the vehicle. Likewise, service manuals are available that detail the proper maintenance procedures to follow to keep the truck in safe operating condition.  
 Safety and instructional decals are located near the mechanical systems they describe.  
Safety in Operation
 A rated load chart at the operatorís seat describes the maximum load that can be safely carried in a wide variety of situations.  
 The battery E-stop switch immediately shuts down all truck functions.  
 A Dead Man Switch shuts off the truck if the operator leaves the seat.  
 A self-contained seat restraint system with lap belt secures the operator.  
 The horn button is in the center of the automotive-type steering wheel.  
 The travel direction selector must be in neutral for the truck to start.  
 The speed control switch limits top speed.  
 The anti-rollback function prevents the truck from rolling backwards when starting on a grade.  
 Large side view and optional center mirrors give maximum visibility.  
 Safety tread on the steps and floors provide sure footing while mounting and dismounting the vehicle. A wide flat floor makes entering the driver area easy, and improves driver comfort as well.  
 The backup beeper and lights give audible and visual signals of reverse travel.  
 Dashboard covers prevent clothing snags.  
Mast Safety Features
 Visibility is improved by the Wide View mast, the waterfall overhead guard, and the reduced-height dash and instrument panel.  
 The standard flow control valve restricts the lowering speed of the mast in the event hose pressure is lost.  
 Tilt Lock prevents the mast tilting if the control lever is moved when the key is off.  
 Optional Lift Lock prevents the forks from lowering when the key is off.  
Protection and Visibility
 The ANSI compliant overhead guard with grab handles protects against large falling objects.  
 Combination lights are high mounted for good visibility and illumination.  


   2 stage full view (VM) mast  
   2 stage free lift view (VFM) mast  
   3 stage free lift view (VFHM) mast  
   4 stage free lift view (VFHM) mast up to 6,000 lbs. maximum  
 Automatic steering correction  
 Finger tip controls  
 Auto power off  
 Lift lock  
 Pneumatic tires on front  
 Solid pneumatic tires on front  
 Non-marking tires  
 Stationary battery charger  
 Battery container  
 Battery lifting jig  
 Battery under plate  
 Central battery electrolyte filling system  
 2 pedal brake system  
 Overhead guard canvas  
 Low profile overhead guard (78.5 in)  
 Rear work light  
 Lamp guard  
 Rotating warning light  
 Center rear view mirror  
 Fire extinguisher  
 Tool kit  
 Tilt cylinder boot  
 Oil filled lift cylinder  
 4 spool valve  
*Price, if shown, is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and does not include government fees, taxes, dealer freight/preparation, dealer document preparation charges or any finance charges (if applicable). MSRP and/or final actual sales price will vary depending on options or accessories selected.

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