Standard Features


TCM PRO pneumatic fork lift trucks deliver extra capacity on demand. Reliable, powerful, and productive, these compact trucks easily maneuver in tight areas allowing you to maximize space utilization in your business


Model Year
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Medium - Heavy
CDL Required


97.8 in. (2,485 mm)
79.9 in. (2,030 mm)
45.3 in. (1,150 mm)
7,080 lbs. (3,210 kg)

Engine & Drivetrain

Engine Type
Spark ignition, IC
67 hp (49.3 kW) @ 2,500 rpm
203.1 ci (3.3 l)
Fuel Type


4,000 lbs. (1,800 kg)
Max. Lift Height
130 in. (3,302 mm)
Right Angle Stack
104.3 in. (3,920 mm)
Lift Speed
106.3 fpm (540 mm/s)
Travel Speed
11.5 mph (18.5 km/h)

Standard Features

Comfort & Controls
 Mast controls are designed for smooth, precise operation and immediate response. The lift and tilt valves have been combined into a single valve body. Four standard configuration direct-acting hydraulic control valves and four push button operated solenoid control valves may be fitted.  
 Spinner steering has standard anti-kickback and features adjustable tilt to accomodate a variety of operators. Floor mounted foot pedal linkage delivers better control and is shaped to give maximum foot room. The standard inching pedal simultaneously applies the brakes and progressively disengages the transmission to allow precise maneuvering and high speed lifting while the truck stationary.  
 Travel direction is selected with an electric directional shift lever featuring forward, reverse and neutral. The self-canceling turn signal control is combined with the light switch. The lever-operated parking brake is shrouded to eliminate pinch points and is optimally located for convenient use.  
 The entire dash has been lowered for unobstructed operator views of the fork tips. A complete array of gauges and warning lights is grouped with the mast controls for quick reference during operation. The long life LCD gauges are easy to read even in bright daylight.  
 The wide-open floor space has been increased by 45 percent for easy entry and all-day operating comfort. The steps are 55 percent wider and feature a special safety tread for sure footing. Even the parking brake has been relocated to make entry and exit as unrestricted as possible. The floor, steps, and dash are free of catch points and tripping hazards. The ergonomic seat with self contained restraint system and weight sensing interlocks is fully adjustable and has a document pocket.  
 The new TCM PRO Dual Floating Isolation system minimizes vibrations reaching the operator, reducing fatigue. Noise reduction improvements have resulted in significantly quieter operation. The overhead guard has an integrated grab handle to assist mounting and dismounting. An optional suspension seat with integrated restraint system adjusts for driver weight, recline angle, and fore and aft positioning.  
Mechanical Systems
 The Nissan K21 standard power and K25 high power engines, operating on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), are Power Rated at 51.9 horsepower (standard) and 61.7 horsepower (high power). They meet EPA Tier II and CARB III specifications with state-of-the-art electronic engine management and catalytic converters. Our Nissan TD27-II diesel engines are Power Rated at 55 horsepower, meet Tier II diesel specifications, and are quiet, economical, and durable. For applications demanding high power, Kubota V3300 diesel engines are Power Rated at 67 horsepower and deliver the same reliability with excellent fuel efficiency. TCM engines run cooler through improved airflow management, and self diagnostics simplify trouble shooting and maintenance.  
 These all-new automatic transmissions are engineered and built by TCM. They have cast iron cases and larger shafts, gears, bearings, and torque converters. These, combined with heavy duty wet multi-plate clutch packs, deliver outstanding reliability even in high cycle applications. The oil suction circuit has been redesigned for quiet operation, and the torque converter oil temperature is monitored on all trucks.  
 TCM has redesigned these masts with improved structure and geometry to resist twisting and give smooth operation and long life. Rugged precision ball bearings deliver smooth operation and maximum control while telescoping. Relocated tilt cylinder attachments and cross members give an unobstructed view of the fork tips. The standard flow control valve restricts the lowering speed of the mast in the event hose pressure is lost. Tilt lock is standard, and optional lift lock prevents the forks from lowering if the key is off. Available integrated sideshifters maximize carrying capacity.  
 Hydraulic circuits and components have been improved and simplified to prevent leaks and reduce oil operating temperature. Three direct-acting hydraulic controls are standard to operate lift cylinders and double-acting tilt cylinders. Two additional OEM direct-acting controls or two after market solenoid valves can be also fitted. An adjustable relief valve gives overpressure protection. Check valves automatically prioritize pressure distribution under simultaneous multiple valve operations. Tilt lock valves give smooth mast tilt operation in both directions. A lift cylinder cut off valve restricts mast lowering speeds for safety.  
 TCM brakes are the largest in their class in the industry. They deliver smooth and reliable operation in continuous use, and will not overheat even in high cycle applications. The automotive-type brakes are a duo-servo type, and actually generate a braking force greater than the wheel cylinder operating force. They are asbestos free and are designed for easy servicing. The master cylinder is engineered to maintain proper pressure and to prevent fluid leaks and vapor lock. The hand operated toggle-type parking brake is dash mounted.  
 The hydraulic steer cylinder is center-mounted within the steer axle for quick response and fewer mechanical wear components. This system reduces or eliminates maintenance tasks including lubrication, damage repair, and adjustment of drag link systems. Right angle stack maneuverability is increased. Steering force remains constant for very predictable handling.  
 Maintenance is made easier, quicker, and less costly with tool-free removable side covers and floorboards. This provides unrestricted access to mechanical components, filters, and fluids. Filters and drains are easy to reach for fast PMs. Many engines feature same side servicing.  
 On-board self diagnostics display troubleshooting codes on the instrument panel. The trouble codes are displayed via the check engine light. Nearly all checks can be made on location without using separate meters.  
 Most electrical components are grouped together in the front area of the engine compartment. These include the fuses, relays, and the ECM connector. In addition, TCM is the first lift truck manufacturer to enclose these components to comply with UL specifications.  
 Hydraulic circuits and components have been improved and simplified to reduce leaks and oil operating temperature. The lift and tilt valve bodies have been combined into a single unit, eliminating a leak source. Oil operating temperatures have been reduced by 50 degrees F.  
 TCM trucks are designed to be reliable, practical, and profitable in your operation. For example, the steer axle structure and bushings have been strengthened for even longer service. A special damper cushions and steadies the axle for stable operation over uneven surfaces, yet requires no periodic maintenance whatsoever.  
 Detailed operating manuals are supplied with each truck explaining the safe operation of the vehicle. Likewise, service manuals are available that detail the proper maintenance procedures to follow to keep the truck in safe operating condition. Safety instruction decals are located near the mechanical systems they describe. A rated load chart at the operatorís seat describes the maximum load that can be safely carried in a wide variety of situations.  
 The standard flow control valve restricts the lowering speed of the mast in the event hose pressure is lost. Standard Tilt Lock prevents the mast tilting if the control lever is moved and the operator is not properly seated. Standard Lift Lock prevents the forks from lowering if the ignition key is OFF. A special suspension damper cushions and stabilizes the steer axle during operation over uneven surfaces for safer load handling.  
 The travel direction selector must be in neutral for the truck to start. A self-contained seat restraint system with lap belt secures the operator in position. A weight sensing seat interlock switch shifts the transmission into neutral if the operator is not properly seated. The ANSI compliant overhead guard protects against large falling objects.  
 Fork tip visibility is improved by the lower tie bar position on the Wide View mast. The reduced-height dash and instrument panel also increase fork tip visibility. The waterfall overhead guard has been designed to give open overhead views of loads and racking. Large side view and optional center mirrors give maximum visibility to the rear.  
 The wide flat floor and wide open steps make entering the driver area easy, and have no exposed tilt cylinders or other tripping hazards. Safety tread on the steps and floors provide sure footing while mounting and dismounting the vehicle. Grab handles on the overhead guard steady and assist the operator while entering and exiting the vehicle. Full dashboard covers prevent clothing snags.  
 The warning horn button is in the center of the automotive-type steering wheel for quick access. Combination lights are high mounted for good visibility and illumination of the work area. The backup beeper and lights give audible and visual signals of reverse travel. Reliable hydraulic connections minimize leaks and slipping hazards.  


 Wide View Masts:  
   2 stage full view (VM) mast.  
   2 stage free lift view (VFM) mast.  
   3 stage free lift view (VFHM) mast.  
   4 stage free lift view (VFHM) mast up to 6,000 lbs. maximum.  
 Auxiliary hydraulic valve modules  
 Long fork  
 Hook on side shifter  
 Integrated side shifter  
 Solid tires  
 Non-marking tires  
 Overhead guard canvas  
 Rear work light  
 Lamp guard  
 Center rear view mirror  
 Fire extinguisher  
 Tool kit  
 Low overhead guard  
 Tilt cylinder boot  
 Oil filled lift cylinder  
 4 spool valve  
 Suspension seat  
 Swing away easy lift LPG tank mounting  
 Dual drive  
*Price, if shown, is Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) and does not include government fees, taxes, dealer freight/preparation, dealer document preparation charges or any finance charges (if applicable). MSRP and/or final actual sales price will vary depending on options or accessories selected.

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